Where did everything go?

The original “Land of the Squishy” was created back in 1994 when I was working at Books That Work (a software company that created home improvement software like “Design and Build Your Deck”, “3D Landscape”, and “Visual Home”). I used it to post pictures of my Bryce and PhotoShop art, as well as a few “blog” postings (from a time before that word was used). The site was very popular early on because it was one of the few “leaf” sites – a site consisting of actual content, rather than links to other sites.

Around 2004, I switched to a .NET host, with plans to write software for the site, but that never really panned out. Finally, in 2013 I switched to a WordPress site. This is that site. The site is going to change frequently as I learn more stuff, and some of the things I do here will eventually end up on wrrr.org, which is the web site for the whitewater rafting club I belong to.

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Land of the Squishy

These are the images that started the web site. Some were done in KPT Bryce and some in Photoshop with various plugins and filters.


Moyie River 2011

Moyie River in Idaho on July 16, 2011


Stuff for Sale or Giveaway

Stuff we have for sale or to give away

LaZBoy Chair-and-a-half

Mexico 2015

Lacanja/Lacantun river trip